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Bissell 3990 Review


The Bissell 3990 Total Floors Velocity features patented multi-cyclonic technology

and provides continuous suction power for all floor surfaces. This is the answer to anyone's concern of them having vacuum cleaners which only cleans carpet and rugs.

Product Features
- 12 amp, multi-surface upright vacuum cleaner with cyclone technology for better suction
- Foot-activated brush off pedal and scatter shield for superior bare-floor cleaning
- Total floor cleaning-rotating brush action for deep down cleaning,
- Multi-stage filtration keep filters clean longer for continuous suction power
- Comes in colors green or blue

The vacuum cleaner features a 12-amp maximum cleaning power resulting in powerful suction with an exclusive DirtLifter brush system for superior cleaning. This vacuum cleaner is capable of cleaning all floor types with its rotating brush action for deep down carpet cleaning, easy floor activated brush off pedal and patented scattershield for superior bare floor cleaning.

The Bissell 3990 Total Floors Velocity features the multi-cyclonic cleaning technology has a multi-stage filtration keeping filters clean longer for continuous suction power and designed ergonomically to make cleaning easier. It also has a wide cleaning path, easy continuous suction power, optimum air flow indicator, easy to empty dirt cup, scuff resistant bumper, 35" extra long powercord, powered rotating TurboBrush, easy assembly and an easy change belt system.

This model has attachments that are very easy to use. It has an extension hose attached to the machine that one can make use of in cleaning the ceiling, corners or stairs without spending too much time on the cleaning process. It features a 14-inch hose that reaches from the bottom of the stairs to the very top.

In a household, the toughest things to clean up is pet hair as it clings and sticks to the carpeting and upholstery like a glue. So the best thing to do to check if your vacuum cleaner can perform intensely is to try it on a rug or couch with pet hair. The Bissell 3990 Total Floors Velocity has TurboBrush which works wonders on getting the pet hair off the furniture, and it is also very easy to switch between the regular vacuum and attachments.

The main job of vacuum cleaners are to suck, meaning to pick up the dirt, dust, and scraps of food and paper embedded in your carpets and the hard-to-reach corners of house. The Bissell 3990 Total Floors Velocity is capable of doing that, and with just a couple of passes on your floors, swirls of dust and debris can already be seen in your dirt canister. This model has very good suction, it sucks every dirt, hair, dust balls, and junk it sees and ensures that it does not get blown back to the cleaned area. The suction is very powerful that it will leave you disgusted to how much junk was embedded in your carpet.

One great thing about this model is that it cleans all floor types, from carpet to hard flooring without getting to a lot of trouble and achievable by just one tap of the foot pedal.

The multi-cyclonic technology that provides continuous suction power for all floor types is the main advantage of this model over its competitors. It is hard to change from one vacuum to another as you clean so having an all in one vacuum cleaner will really work to your advantage.

The vacuum is very poorly made with lots of cheap plastic parts.

Consumer Reviews

The good points
- Affordable
- Powerful suction
- Multi-cyclonic technology

The 'not so good' points
- Cheap plastic parts

Because it is priced at under $150, the Bissell 3990 is an affordable all-around cleaning machine. But if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for deep cleaning, then better get a sturdier one.

Several online stores sell the Bissell vacuum cleaner and you will find one at low online prices at

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