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The Leaner and Cleaner Dyson DC25
Certified Asthma Friendly. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has approved the Dyson DC25 as asthma friendly because it does not emit dust or polluted air while in use. More ....


The DC21 Stowaway
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Dyson DC18 Review


Proven to outstand other Dyson upright models, the DC18 has additional new features found out to be amazing and address some of the contemporary issues people may have had with older Dyson models. Capable of cleaning all floor types, the Dyson DC18 has all the amazing features that usually come with any Dyson model. Emptying it is no sweat, it has no running costs and has amazing suction. Dyson has once again proven that they can, and they will always be number one in vacuum innovation.

NOTE: If you don't want to read our full review then scroll straight to the bottom of this review where you'll find a summary of Advantages and Disadvantages.

- Cleans all floor types
- Motorized brush bar
- Brush control
- Root Cyclone Technology
- Lightweight
- Effortless steering
- No running costs
- Clean exhaust air
- Quick-draw Telescope Reach
- Hygienic bin emptying
- Lifetime HEPA filter
- Five years warranty

The DC18 Slim Vacuum for All Floors delivers 200 air watts of suction power as it features advanced Root Cyclone technology ensuring no loss of suction and no clogging. This model is perfectly designed to clean all floor types, it has a motorized brushbar that can be turned on and off to clean both dirt and pet hair from carpets at the same time clean rugs and delicate floors on the off mode. The motorized brushbar improves the pick-up on carpets by sweeping the dust entirely and the fibers trapped in the carpet pile into the constant Dyson airflow without needing any belts. The brush control can be turned off to protect hard floors and delicate rugs.

It is fully equipped with a quick-draw Telescope Reach that fully extends instantly for stairs and high-reach areas. Not only that, expect no running cost in this model as it features lifetime HEPA filter therefore it requires no expensive vacuum bags. Just think of all the money you can save! The filters require minimal cleaning and it expels air with 150 times less mold and bacteria than common breathing air. It also has a hygienic 4/9-gallon bin that can be easily emptied with a simple push of a button.

Design and built wise, awesome is an understatement. It is equally beautiful with other upright Dysons but compared with them, the Dyson DC18 is much slimmer so it can be easily maneuvered between furniture and any areas around the home. The slimmer profile also makes it easier to store and it has 'the ball', everyone's favorite feature. The ball makes it easy to maneuver, a feature that is not present in regular uprights.

Dyson proudly boasts the prestige of being the first and only vacuums certified to be asthma friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation as well. Not bad for a household with asthmatic and allergic occupants, right?

Another thing, the Dyson DC18 is lighter compared to other Dyson uprights. All other uprights are weighs around 20 pounds making it harder for someone to clean the whole house. The Dyson DC18 is five pounds lighter, making carrying the whole upright around the house bearable.

The Dyson DC18's other features include a 25-foot cord, a lightweight design at 15-4/5 pounds, and effortless steering for simple maneuverability and cleaning in tight spaces. The vacuum cleaner measures 16-1/3 x 12 x 43-2/3 inches and carries a five-year warranty.

- Lifetime HEPA filter therefore no running expenses
- Motorized Brushbar that does a good job in picking up hard to get clutter
- Slimmer profile
- Sophisticated design

- Quite pricey

Consumer Dyson DC18 Review

The good points
- Outstanding powerful suction
- Easily maneuverable
- Small and relatively light

The bad points
- Small dust container
- Noisy
- Mediocre attachments
- No retractable cord

The Dyson DC18 is the vacuum of anyone's dream. It is sophisticatedly designed with a myriad of gadgetry and it functions outstandingly. Powered with the Dyson's Root Cyclone Technology, expect to achieve high powered suction that does its job perfectly. The Dyson DC18 makes all the cleaning fun, not just because it is well designed but because it is also dependable and worth all your money.

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