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The Electrolux EL 6988D
The Electrolux EL6988D Oxygen3 Canister Vacuum Cleaner features strong power yet its very easy to maneuver. t is also low-profile so it can be easily accessed under any kind of furniture More ....


Electrolux EL7020A - Power & Style
It features sealed HEPA filtration, it comes with a bag and filter as well as change indicators for no-worry cleaning. More ....

Electrolux EL7020A Review - Simply the best!


Electrolux EL7020A Bagged Canister Vacuum received the highest rate in canister vacuum cleaners in 2006 based on consumer reports. This model, also known as Electrolux Oxy3 Ultra produces an optimal clean for traditional floors.

NOTE: If you don't want to read our full review then scroll straight to the bottom of this review where you'll find a summary of Advantages and Disadvantages.

Product Features
- Sealed HEPA filtration
- Telescoping, integrated wand system
- 12 amp motor
- Includes crevice, dusting and upholstery tools
- Optimal feedback light which lets you know when the bag needs changing

The Electrolux Homecare #EL7020A Oxy3 Canister Vacuum is designed with a Beta power head option for additional power on traditional carpeted floors. The best that it can offer is its ability to clean hardwood and laminated floors. Its built in optimal feedback light will let you know if the Oxy3 canister is operating at a peak performance.

This model has a powerful suction and state-of-the-art features including auto power brush off, auto suction reduction, and more. The auto power brush off reduces suction power and eventually turns off when something gets stuck on it, say for example a corner of the bathroom rug gets sucked in. The suction increases automatically as soon as the rug is released. The power of the motorized head is very impressive as it works well on carpets, area rugs and berbers. To add more, the power head plugs right into the handle thereby making the cleaning of the stairs effortless.

The Electrolux EL7020A also features sealed HEPA filtration, it comes with a bag and filter as well as change indicators for no-worry cleaning. The HEPA filtration system captures 99.97% of even the smallest allergens, dust and particles picked up by the vacuum cleaner so it leaves your house cleaner longer. Most consumers are contented with the HEPA filtration system of this unit and majority of them claims that they no longer sneeze as they clean. This is one of the reasons why Electrolux EL7020A is approved by most families with asthmatic family members.

The controls for easy cleaning are all in the handle so you never have to search for the right buttons as you clean. Aside from this, the model comes with a bare floor attachment that is larger than the common ones you will find in other vacuum cleaner, it makes cleaning easier. Larger it may seem, it still fits into smaller spaces such as areas in between the toilet and the tub. It is also narrower compared to most bare floor attachments. This attachment, together with the telescoping pole will do a terrific cleaning in beds, dressers, blinds and under couches.

The canister itself moves with so little effort from the user. In fact, it moves with the user that seldom you will experience crashing into walls and getting caught up in different furniture. It works quietly as well.

Most consumer would complain in if the cord is not retractable but this unit has one so all you have to do is simply press down the vacuum handle and instantly, the cord will rewind!

The Electrolux EL7020A's beta power head option that gives additional power for it to work on traditional carpeted floors is an edge to competitor vacuum cleaners. It gives the model more power not just to clean carpeted floors but other flooring as well, including laminated floors and hardwoods. More over, the unit features sealed HEPA filtration system making cleaning more pleasant to a household with asthmatic members.

The bags are very small that it gets filled up easily. Aside this, the optimal feedback light do not work when there is still sufficient space for air to flow. This happens when it just gets filled up with carpet fibers and the like.

Consumer Electrolux EL 7020A Review

The good points
- Beta Power head option
- great design
- easy access controls
- sealed HEPA filtration system

The bad points
- small bags
- optimal feedback light only works on certain conditions
- expensive bags

Amongst the best low-profile canister vacuums in the market today, the Electrolux EL7020A delivers superior cleaning results with advanced features including the washable HEPA filters, fingertip power controls, and the optimal performance sensing function.

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