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Hoover 5507-900 Review


Hoover vacuums are known for quality and it assures years of use both in home and in offices. Hoover has the reputation for consistency in all their vacuum cleaners. Hoover vacuum users always expect superior cleaning performance all the time, why not? Hoover gets more stain, tinier particles and even the tiniest pet hair. This model is no different.

The Hoover 5507-900 Elite Auto-Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner was made to make house cleaning easy and convenient. It comes with equally useful vacuum components, all helpful in cleaning all floor types.

NOTE: If you don't want to read our full review then scroll straight to the bottom of this review where you'll find a summary of Advantages and Disadvantages.

- Powerful 12-amp motor
- Bagless
- 14.5 inch wide cleaning path
- seven height settings
- air-flow indicator
- HEPA filter
- Headlight
- 24-foot auto-rewind cord
- Stretch hose for extended reach
- Includes crevice wand, dusting brush/upholstery tool and pet-hair tool
- Measures 13 x 15 x 44 inches
- one year warranty

The Hoover 5507-900 is an exceptional upright vacuum cleaner fully featured with a powerful 12 amp motor making it excellent when it comes to cleaning. With this, cleaning carpets, bare floors, stairs and other hard to clean areas is easy. Its cord reel with a 24-foot cord makes a huge advantage as it makes cleaning and cord management easy. Not only that, the cord wheel automatically rewinds with a push of a button for quick and effortless storage.

Unit also includes a bottom dump dirt cup with lid for sanitary purposes. This advantage makes it easier for the user to vacuum up tiny dirt bits and pet fur from your sofa and carpeted stairs.

The unit boasts a wide 14.5 inch cleaning path which makes your cleaning easier so user will clean 14.5 inches of space at a time without carrying a bulky load.

It comes with a lifetime HEPA Filter so purchasing replacement filters are no longer necessary. It cleans out 99% of dust and dirt and traps them inside making it impossible for them to get back into the air. It makes the air much cleaner. Not only that, but the HEPA filter lasts a lifetime, so you will never have to replace it. It also has an airflow indicator that will alert the user to clean the filer to maintain high performance.

The Hoover 5507-900 comes fully equipped with a deluxe stretch hose so user is given additional 10-feet reach and can now clean hard to reach places with
ease. A whole lot of full complementary tools which include a Powered Pet Hair Cleaning Tool, long crevice wand, a combination of dusting brush and upholstery tool, and a pet-hair cleaning tool that removes pet hair and dirt from stairs and upholstery.

The unit also comes with a brilliant headlight to illuminate the cleaning path, a deluxe furniture guard that protects baseboards and furniture from accidental bumps and dents.

It also comes with 1-year warranty.

- Cleans all floor types including thick carpets
- Easy to use and maintain
- Easy to assemble and disassemble
- Comes with vacuum components
- Does not bash furniture

- Headlight placement is high
- Noisy and hard to push
- Does not include the universal, upholstery attachment

Consumer Hoover 5507-900 Review

The good points
- Impressive suction power and is capable of cleaning the smallest dirt and animal/pet hair from surfaces.
- The ease of just checking the dirt cup instead of changing expensive bags
- The headlights that illuminate dark areas during cleaning
- Sturdy, washable filters
- Carpet height settings

The bad points
- Not self-propelling as it is hard to push
- It emits unwanted noise during cleaning
- It needs a side or front handle for those moments when you must vacuum a small throw rug, bathroom rug, or stairs
- The vacuum chews up the material of rugs when used in place for a long time

Overall the Hoover 5507-900 has excellent user features, is user-friendly, low maintenance, total great value. Hoover 5507-900 Elite Auto-Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner has many practical cleaning features that will make your home cleaning duties a lot easier. It has the great vacuum fittings and accessories that allow you to clean and tidy up all types of surfaces including your dainty lampshades, chandeliers and your thickest carpets. With its price, Hoover 5507-900 is one good choice for a vacuum cleaner that offers tough home cleaning solutions.

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