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Hoover F5912-900 Review

The Hoover F5912900 is called the SteamVac Spin Scrub Turbo Power Carpet Cleaner which is quite a mouth full. The question to be asked here is that does that big name live up to the Hoover slogan of ‘It’s not just clean-it is Hoover clean?’ This is a machine which rivals all the machines which professional cleaners use for carpet cleaning and charge so much for. One swipe of this powerful machine truly gives a superb Spin Scrub with SteamVac.

Of course one must believe in whatever this company says because it has been around in this business for more than a hundred years. The word ‘Hoover’ has become a part of the English language and acts as a verb meaning to vacuum clean something. In fact the beat bar is the invention of the Hoover company and this was the central reason for the success of its vacuum cleaning machines. The beat bar of the machine loosened dirt by beating on the carpet in tandem with the brushing and thus making it much easier to be collected by the suction.

Main Features

- SpinScrub Multiple Rotating Brush System.
- Heated air cleaning.
- Easily removable brushes.
- Fingertip controls.
- Two separate tanks for cleaner and dirty water.
- Powerful 12Amp motor.
- One year’s warranty.

The Hoover F5912900 is a remarkable and powerful machine which lives up to its big name, that is, the SteamVac SpinScrub Turbo Power Carpet Cleaner. The machine consists of two large containers. The upper container which has a capacity of one gallon is for the storage of cleaning liquid and water mixture. The lower tank has a capacity of one gallon and is for the dirty liquid residue sucked up after the cleaning. The bottom of the carpet head consists of five fast revolving brush heads which are supported by hot air in the cleaning up of the toughest and most stubborn spots. The motor is a powerful 12 Amps.

The powerful brushes at the head of the carpet cleaner are a set of colourful plastic spindles with spinning brushes. A mixture of hot air from the motor and cleaning liquid from the storage tank combine to do the Hoover SteamVac SpinScrub. The potent suction of the machine sucks in the dirty scrubbed residue into the separate storage tank for the dirty liquid. Thus it is ideal for times when people are bringing in slush and mud during the rainy or snowy season. It is ideal for an after party clean up. It sucks up all the soft drink, ice cream, coffee and wine spills in a few minutes leaving the carpet as good as new. The only other way to do such a good job would be to call for the carpet cleaners which can be a very expensive solution.

The Hoover SteamVac SpinScrub has a hand weight of only twenty pounds despite all the extra tough add-ons. The brush speed of the machine has three options suitable for every surface possible. The intricate cleaning by this machine involves heating of the floor, brushing with the rotating brushes and rinse cleaning. All the goo is then sucked up by the vacuum and stored in the dirty water tank which can store up to one gallon. There is a button on the handle for starting the clean surge for stubborn areas. This model does not have any belts which have to be changed or replaced.

There is a special extra tool supplied for adding to the hose to clean upholstery and stairs. This powerful machine has a one year guarantee. The dimensions of the machine are 20X 11.25X 44 inches.

Main Advantages
- It is a heavy duty powerful machine.
- Saves a lot of money in carpet cleaning.
- Spot cleaning and heavy traffic cleaning is super.
- It is a specialised tool meant for carpets.

Main Disadvantages
- The cleaning process maybe a little tiring for elderly people.
- The carpets remain damp for some time.
- It is too cumbersome for stairs.
- It is also too heavy for cleaning hard floors.

Consumer Review of the Hoover F5 912900
The good points
- Affordable price.
- Assembly of the machine is easy and can be done with a screwdriver.
- The rotating brushes are very good.

The bad points
- Too many plastic parts.
- It is a bit too heavy.
- Forward and backward movements are a little tough on carpets.

The Hoover SteamVac SpinScrub Turbo Power Carpet Cleaner as the name suggests is an all out carpet machine. It should be bought by people who have a lot of carpets at home which see a good amount of traffic. It should also be bought by someone younger because pushing and pulling is a bit hard for the elderly. It is a very professional machine and ideal for cleaning carpets.

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