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The sleek, stylish and lightweight Eureka 437AZ
The Eureka 437AZ Optima Lightweight features Eureka sealed HEPA filter that captures more than 99.9% of pollen, dust mites, ragweed and other allergens found in your home. More ...


The revolutionary all-in-one Hoover H3060
Hoover's Floor Mate Spin Scrub 800 H3060 is a dual function dry/wet floor cleaner that can be used to both vacuum dry debris and wet clean non-carpeted hard floor surfaces. More ...

Best Vacuum Cleaners Under $200


The best vacuum cleaners under $200 are capable of medium to heavy duty cleaning of your home. These versatile cleaners are either of the upright or canister categories. Apart from retail outlets and exclusive stores these cleaners are also sold by online marketing agencies like or These online marketing agencies provide specification and details of different models of vacuum cleaners thereby making your selection easier.

Eureka 4870MZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright HEPA Vacuum Cleaner is an upright variety of vacuum cleaner powered by a 12 ampere motor. Attributed by Boss’s air regulation system this cleaner is equally effective in cleaning both on the surface and from inside. Its Smart Vac power system helps in drawing in dust from even the deepest carpets. HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filtration principle helps in entrapping allergens, bacteria, microbes, and pollens up to 99.97%.

Eureka Boss 4870GZ’s ‘Power Paw’ attachment allows perfect cleaning of upholstery as well as floorings with equal ease. Even the tiniest pet hairs are easily removed. The other add-ons provided with this vacuum cleaner are crevice tool, upholstery nozzle, and dusting brush.

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Among the best vacuum cleaners under $200 is Electrolux EL6984A UltraSilencer Green Canister Vacuum Cleaner . Its exceptionally quiet operation is the highlight of this canister type cleaner. Another outstanding feature of this machine is its Electrolux O2 filtration process consisting of HEPA H12 filter. This filter is known to capture up to 99% of all allergens and dust particles. This canister type cleaner is provided with a telescopic wand which reaches even the most difficult spots. Its ergonomic design and easy to storage dimensions makes this cleaner a favorite among households.

Bissell Healthy Home Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Bagless, 12 Amp, 16N5 is a superior vacuum cleaner of upright variety within $200. Its performance is augmented by a unique 9X multi-cyclonic system for continuous suction and simultaneous cleaning. Coupled by its intrinsic Aire Tight HEPA technology it is capable of trapping and sealing up to 100% of all spores, allergens, pollens, and bacteria. Even pet dander and ragweed are completely removed. Its Turbo Brush attachment helps in cleaning upholstery and carpets. For cleaning crevices you might use the crevice tool, while for reaching out to the ceiling attach the telescopic wand.

In case you are interested in buying any of these or other comparable models get in touch with or two and many more similar vacuum cleaners could be obtained from and

Editors Note: Check out detailed reviews for Vacuum Cleaners under $200 and save money today.

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