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The sleek, stylish and lightweight Eureka 437AZ
The Eureka 437AZ Optima Lightweight features Eureka sealed HEPA filter that captures more than 99.9% of pollen, dust mites, ragweed and other allergens found in your home. More ...


The revolutionary all-in-one Hoover H3060
Hoover's Floor Mate Spin Scrub 800 H3060 is a dual function dry/wet floor cleaner that can be used to both vacuum dry debris and wet clean non-carpeted hard floor surfaces. More ...

Best Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Nowadays wet/dry vacuum cleaners are already visible in some households. Gone are the days when this type of vacuum cleaners can only be found in workshops. The one in the households are already improved over the years, improving its versatility and decreased its loud screaming noise.

In choosing the right wet/dry vacuum cleaners, you need to consider the size, the weight, the power and the accessories included. To make you search simple, we came up with a list of the Top 5 choices of wet/dry vacuum cleaners.


Hoover FloorMate Powerbrush
This Hoover model tops the list of the dry/wet vacuum cleaners. Its Dual function dry/wet operation can be applied to both vacuum dry debris and wet clean non-carpeted hard floor surfaces. Model is equipped with removable brushes and nozzle squeegee for quick rinse cleaning. Hoover's dual tank design separates solution tank and recovery tank so you will not accidentally put dirty water back to the floor. It is also lightweight, making it easy to use, move and store.

Ridgid WD1450
The 14-gallon Ridgid WD1450 wet/dry vacuum is the top-rated wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Experts says that it is large enough for most general uses around the house and garage. It has a great score for low emissions, quiet performance and excellent suction. Ridgid WD1450 height of 28-inch is also a plus as it allows storage under most work benches. A pinned drain makes it easy to empty and dry up liquids and unit comes with a lifetime warranty upon registration for consumer protection.

Bosch AirSweep 3931A
The automatic self-cleaning filter design of Bosch AirSweep 3931A makes it stand out from the rest. Cleaning becomes more convenient especially the collection of dust from power tools. Consumers are pleased with its outstanding suction, automatic filter cleaning, and automatic shut-off when vacuuming liquids. Aside from the varying noise it emits, the Bosch AirSweep 3931A is a perfect choice for a wet/dry vacuum cleaner.

DirtTamer™ Wet/Dry
DirtTamer™ is considered the best cordless vacuum cleaners because it is a rechargeable wet and dry cordless hand held vacuum equipped with HEPA filtration. It is fully equipped with 3 vacuum cleaning tools: 13-inch extendible wand/service tool, upholstery brush and squeegee giving it superior suction power.

Eureka 5181 The Boss Self-Propelled Vacuum
Vacuuming with Eureka 5181 is a breeze. This line of vacuum cleaners from Eureka are known for power and performance. It gently glides over carpets quickly with the 15" cleaning width and touch control handle. It comes with easy-to-use attachments that can be used in cleaning above-the-floor areas as well. Eureka is self-propelled and uses Micron Filter® System to make cleaning a breeze.

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